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  Agathe Paitier

Laboratoire Ampère, UMR CNRS 5005
Ecole Centrale de Lyon
36 avenue Guy de Collongue
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    • PhD student in Bioengineering , 2014-2017 “Scaling-up of microbial fuel cell”, Environmental Microbial Genomics group, Laboratoire Ampère, Université de Lyon, France.
    • M.Sc in Environmental Sciences and Engineering, University of Strasbourg, France.
    • M.Eng in Biotechnology, Ecole Supérieure de Biotechnologie de Strasbourg, Fra


For more than a decade researchers are trying to bring MFCs out of the laboratory, but electrical and organic matter removal performance of large-scale systems is not as high as lab-scale system. My PhD project aims at identifying features that become limiting in large-scale MFCs performance. A first part of my work is dedicated to the importance of anodic current collectors: do number and position of collectors on the anode can shape the development of the anodic biofilm, in particular of electroactive bacteria such as Geobacter, and improve electron recovery? The second part is focused on the influence of hydrodynamics on biofilm communities and in turn on MFC performance, studied with process engineering tools (controlled flow system, retention time distribution, dimensionless numbers). The overall goal is to highlight the importance of some aspects of MFCs which may be negligible at lab-scale scale but become limiting at large-scale, to understand their influence on anodic microbial communities and electron transfer, and finally, based on these findings, to be able to predict performance and design a more efficient large-scale MFC.


Paitier A, Godain A, Lyon D, Haddour N, Vogel TM, Monier J-M. Microbial fuel cell anodic microbial population dynamics during MFC start-up. Biosensors and Bioelectronics.  2017;92:357‑63.

Poster presentation:

  • ISMET EU 2016, Rome, Italy: “Optimization of anode current collector in microbial fuel cell for improved power output and bacterial development”, A.Paitier, T. M. Vogel and N. Haddour
  • ISMET 2015, Tempe, USA: “Characterization of a Microbial Fuel Cell with a New Configuration for Scale-up in Wastewater Treatment Plant”, A.Paitier, P. Antoni, C. Averoux, S. Béasse, P. de Boisset, C. Revellat, N. Haddour and T. M. Vogel
  • Goldschmidt 2015, Prague, Czech Republic: “Microbial Fuel Cell Anodic Microbial Population Dynamics during Start-up”, A.Paitier, J.-M. Monier, N. Haddour and T. M. Vogel
  • BAGECO 2015, Milan, Italy: Microbial Fuel Cell Anodic Microbial Population Dynamics during Start-up”, A.Paitier, J.-M. Monier, N. Haddour and T. M. Vogel

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