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Biodegradability of fuel oxygenates (ETBE and MTBE) : Microorganisms – Monooxygenases - Functionality  
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Welcome to MiOxyFun

This project began recently and the start-up meeting was just held in Paris.

Ethers, methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE) and ethyl tert-butyl ether (ETBE), are added to gasoline to enhance the octane index. MTBE and ETBE are highly soluble in water (40 and 10 g.L-1, respectively). Their use at a huge scale required to get information about their fate in the environment and in impacted aquifers. MTBE was found in several aquifers as a contaminant after releases of MTBE-supplemented gasoline due to its poor biodegradability. To our knowledge, the groundwater contamination by ETBE was not documented in the countries that use it, like France and Hungary. Studies are required to understand the environmental impact of MTBE and ETBE and to characterize the microorganisms, enzymes and genes involved in their biodegradation. The project is based on a unique common collection of MTBE- or ETBE- biodegrading microcosms from different geographic areas that was obtained in France and Hungary.



Task 1
Project Management

Task 2
Evaluation of current microbial capacities

Task 3
Phylogeny and isolates and characterization

 Task 4
 Identification, sequencing and gene expression