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Environmental Microbial Metagenomics

The requirements for accessing a larger proportion of ecosystem microorganisms than those typically "extracted" by isolation or enrichment techniques has led to the development and use of a range of metagenomic techniques. These techniques improve the accessibility of both functional and structural information concerning complex microbial communities. Some of this methodology development is described below.  Applications of these techniques are found throughout the other research sections (for example, metagenomic searching for PKS genes, or the use of metagenomic DNA for gene synthesis, or the screening of soil bacterial metagenomes for plant transgenes…) even if they're repeated below.

DNA Extraction and Purification:

Our work with DNA extraction has two main objectives: 1) Recovery of the representative DNA from environmental samples and 2) Damage minimization in order to access relative long unbroken environmental DNA sequences.

Clone Libraries: Metasoil metaexplore

Our clone libraries usually contain either plasmid or cosmids.  In general, DNA fragments of a few kb are cloned in the plasmids and fragments of about 30 kb in the cosmids.
Screening Techniques:

Several different screening techniques have been applied including phenotypic (selection or election on Petri plates) and genotypic (with the hybridization of clone libraries densely spotted on membranes (order of 30 000 clones per membrane)


Phylogenetic microarrays containing probes at a range of taxonomic levels are used in order to access the prokaryotic diversity in environmental sample.

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