Dr. Concepcion Sanchez-Cid Torres


Laboratoire Ampère
Ecole Centrale de Lyon
Université de Lyon
36 avenue Guy de Collongue
69134 Ecully cedex

+33 (0) 472 18 61 18

Research Interests

My research concerns the development and dissemination of antibiotic resistance in anthropogenically-polluted environments. My work is mainly focused on the effects of antibiotic pollution on environmental bacteria and their associated resistome and the relationships between antibiotic dose and the response observed in environmental bacteria. My research addresses the selective potential of sub-inhibitory concentrations of antibiotics in situ and the role that environmental physico-chemical properties play in the interaction between antibiotics and environmental bacteria, using a combination of metagenomics and qPCR/RT-qPCR. In addition, I’m interested in the effects of anthropogenic activity (not necessarily antibiotic pollution) on resistance development in the environment and the potential dissemination of environmental resistance to the human microbiome, as well as the consequences of antibiotic use in the human microbiome.

Curriculum Vitae

  • Present. Post-Doc at Ecole Centrale de Lyon.
  • January 2018 – March 2021. PhD student at University of Lyon and Promega Corporation.
  • May 2016 – June 2017. Applications Specialist at Promega Corporation.


  • 2021. PhD in Bio-Engineering. University of Lyon
  • 2016. Masters in Molecular Biology Applied to Biotechnological Enterprises. University of Granada.
  • 2015. Degree in Basic and Experimental Biomedicine. University of Seville.


  • Sanchez-Cid C, Keuschnig C, Torzewski K, Stachnik Ł, Kępski D, Luks B, Nawrot A, Niedzielski P, Vogel TM, Larose C. 2022. Environmental and anthropogenic factors shape the snow microbiome and antibiotic resistome. Frontiers in Microbiology 13. doi.org/10.3389/fmicb.2022.918622
  • Sanchez-Cid C, Guironnet A, Keuschnig C, Wiest L, Vulliet E, Vogel TM. Gentamicin at sub-inhibitory concentrations selects for antibiotic resistance in the environment. ISME Commun 2022; 2:29. doi.org/10.1038/s43705-022-00101-y
  • Sanchez-Cid C, Tignat-Perrier R, Franqueville L, Delaurière L, Schagat T, Vogel TM. Sequencing depth has a stronger effect than DNA extraction on soil bacterial richness discovery. Biomolecules 2022; 12(3):364. doi.org/10.3390/biom12030364
  • Guironnet A, Sanchez-Cid C, Vogel TM, Wiest L, Vulliet E. Aminoglycosides analysis optimization using ion pairing liquid chromatography coupled to tandem mass spectrometry and application on wastewater samples. J Chromatogr A. 2021 Aug 16;1651:462133. doi.org/10.1016/j.chroma.2021.462133
  • Sanchez-Cid C; Guironnet A, Wiest L, Vulliet E, Vogel TM. Gentamicin adsorption onto soil particles prevents overall short-term effects on the soil microbiome and resistome. Antibiotics 2021, 10;191. doi.org/10.3390/ antibiotics10020191

Oral Presentations

  • MICROBES – 15ème Congres national de la Société Française de Microbiologie. October 2019, Paris (France) : « Gentamicin at sub-inhibitory concentrations induces a response in the environmental resistome”.
  • 8th Symposium on Antimicrobial Resistance in Animals and the Environment (ARAE). July 2019, Tours (France): “Environmental resistome transcriptional response to gentamicin pollution at sub-inhibitory concentrations ».

Poster Presentations