Huaiyu Wang

PhD Student

Laboratoire Ampère
Ecole Centrale de Lyon
Université de Lyon
36 avenue Guy de Collongue
69134 Ecully cedex

Research Interests

My main research interests are in understanding the coevolution and adaptation of prokaryotes and viruses. My PhD programme is based on examining the interactions of a specific and functionally-restricted group of bacterial populations (methane oxidisers) and their infecting viruses within the complex soil environment.  

Curriculum Vitae

2021 – current: PhD student, Groupe des Ecoles Centrales – Chinese Scholarship Council Program


2021: Masters in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. School of Life Sciences, University of Jilin, China

2018: Bachelor in Biology. School of Life Sciences, University of Jilin, China


Jinpeng Bi, Fangshen Li, Mo Zhang, Huaiyu Wang et al. An HIV-1 vaccine based on bacterium-like particles elicits ENv-specific mucosal immune repsonses. Immunol Lett. 2020 Jun; 222:29-39.

Conference Presentations

  • Huaiyu Wang, Sungeun Lee, Christina Hazard, Graeme W. Nicol. Determining the scale and rates of adaptation by soil methane-oxidising bacteria in response to in situ virus interactions. Phages in Paris. 2022. (Poster)